Since I have been TAGGED by none other than our esteemed designer Mr. Athaley (www.theycallitfilming.blogspot.com/) I shall honour his call, and give you my 2 cents worth on these questions. 

What is one weird thing about you that nobody knows till date?
I’d sell my own soul to the devil for a plate of KFC!
Favourite Ice cream flavour?

The craziest dream you had in the past one week?
I dreamt i was dead.
One embarrassing thing you’ve done in public, which comes to your mind right now?
On a clear blue sky-ed day, i parked my scooter in the market place, and just as i got off the damned vehicle, my helmet, seeking freedom, leaps from my grasp and on to the road. the next thing i know, im part of my own Tom and Jerry special as i chased my helmet all the way down a slope. it ended up at the feet of a policeman. His paan filled mouth could still open a millimeter, and thus he laughed his laugh!    sigh!  one man’s misery…
Are you going to be attending MMSC? Why or why not?
probably. theres some freak rains going on now in manipal, so unless i catch Pneumonia or Pissed-Off-By-Rain-ia, i think i will attend.

and to further these insightful questions, i tag Raga, Ram, and Venkat

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